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PLUS IP (Poland-U.S. Innovation Program) is a public-private partnership that brings the nexus of government, business, and academia to advance innovation through joint venture and joint research and development projects between the United States and Poland. The two countries are sharing best practices and expertise to replicate successful U.S. innovation models such as the Research Triangle and Silicon Valley in Poland.This effort provides opportunities for joint projects between U.S. and Polish companies and organizations aimed at promoting access to capital, more rapid and effective commercialization of technology, strengthening and expanding regional innovation clusters, improving collaboration in key economic sectors (i.e., defense, energy, health, and science and technology), and fostering the innovation ecosystem.

In this way we hope to expand entrepreneurial and business ties between our two countries, which leads to the development of new technologies that improve the well-being of the people of Poland, the United States and the world, while bolstering the economies of our two nations.


This website provides you with information about PLUS IP. You can find details about the history and objectives of PLUS IP, news concerning Polish-American innovation cooperation, and information about members of PLUS IP and activities of our Sub-Committees.

There is a special area for Polish and American corporations/institutions/persons interested in engaging in the work of PLUS IP. They can create their own profile with an explanation of who they are/their organization is, and what kind of cooperation they are seeking. Doing so provides the unique opportunity to share ones involvement in promoting innovation in either country.

For more information, consult the “Contact” section.

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