Destination Europe Conference, Boston Massachusetts - USA

18-January-2016, 14:10

We would like to invite you to the upcoming Destination Europe event which will take place on 5 February 2016 in Boston city center, and which will be of interest to research faculty, post-docs and graduate students who may be considering spending part of their career in Europe.   The event will showcase research career and funding opportunities in Europe for researchers of any nationality, at all stages of their research careers. It will include information and discussion opportunities on European Union programmes as well as national programmes and initiatives in many European countries. Please see the draft agenda   Since Destination Europe was launched in 2012, some 2000 people have attended Destination Europe conferences and have been very enthusiastic in their feedback on the events, which are focused on the interests of the audience.   We would appreciate if you would forward this invitation to your post-doc colleagues and doctoral students who might be interested to learn about research opportunities in Europe. We want to be sure that any potentially interested person is aware of the event and can register.   Participation is free but prior registration is essential.  

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