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The US-Polish Trade Council was established to provide information technology and bio-technology bridge for building business and academic-business relationships between the U.S. and Poland. To accomplish this goal, the USPTC works in partnership with a network of Polish and American organizations, including corporate, academic and government entities.
The US-Polish Trade Council has built this trans-Atlantic bridge to:
• Encourage Polish enterprises to buy more from and sell more to U.S. enterprises.
• Encourage U.S. enterprises to buy more from and sell more to Polish enterprises.
• Encourage all forms of corporate, private and governmental investment into Poland.
• Develop stronger scientific and commercial ties between Poland and the U.S.
The Bridge Builders:  The US-Polish Trade Council is a group of U.S.-based international business leaders with professional and technical accomplishments in both Poland and the U.S.
Strategically located in Silicon Valley/San Francisco, the center of global technology advances, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, AZ,  Katowice, Warsaw, Poznan, and Bialystok in Poland, the USPTC connects people to people, people to projects and business to business.
The US-Polish Trade Council carries out the following activities:
• Provide potential investors and business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic guidance, advice, and personal connections.
• Contact database of Polish and Polish-American business leaders.
• Facilitate meetings with Polish and American business leaders.
• Organize trade and investment promotion activities, trade shows, symposiums, conferences, panels, both bilateral US-Polish and multinational.
• Promote Poland as an attractive economic destination to business leaders in Silicon Valley/San Francisco.
• Promote Silicon Valley/San Francisco as an attractive market and partnership venue for Polish enterprises.
• Facilitate exchange of ideas and programs between scientific institutions in the U.S. and Poland.
• Provide general information to the U.S.-Polish business community on opportunities
o Periodic e-newsletter
USPTC created a program the US-Poland Innovation HUB, to support Polish companies in Going Global via US market. (
Currently, we are getting ready for Go Global Fifth Edition! Please look for updates at our website:

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