National Defense Industrial Association

   The National Defense Industrial Association is a non-partisan, non-profit educational association with offices in Arlington, Virginia.


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Promoting National Security Since 1919

The National Defense Industrial Association is a non-partisan, non-profit educational association with offices in Arlington, Virginia. NDIA & its affiliates have 1,626 corporate members engaged in various aspects of producing national security-related products and services for the federal government, and 87,025 individual members of whom 23,742 are military members/government employees.


ADVOCATE cutting-edge technology and superior weapons, equipment, training, and support for the War-Fighter and First Responder

PROMOTE a vigorous, responsive, Government – Industry National Security Team

PROVIDE forums for the ethical exchange of information between Industry and Government on National Security issues

MOTTO: “Strength through Industry and Technology”

NDIA’s primary areas of interest are the business and technical aspects of the government-industry relationship, encompassing government policies and practices in all phases of the acquisition process, including research and development, procurement, production, logistics support, and many technical areas.

The Association does its work through a network of Divisions and Chapters, and through numerous national meetings, conferences, symposia and exhibitions each year that focus on government policy and practice in a broad range of areas.

NDIA's principal vehicle in working with the government is its Division structure. This is where the bulk of the policy and technical interface between industry and government is accomplished. NDIA corporate members may participate as desired in the important work of one or more of the 37 functionally oriented Divisions. Through their participation, interested members contribute ideas and recommendations to government and in return receive helpful information on government policies and programs. The NDIA Chapters are the focal points for industry's interaction with regionally dispersed >elements of the federal government and military services. The chapters strengthen the total membership and further our purpose by assuring participation of members and government at the local level.

NDIA’s monthly “National DEFENSE” magazine is well respected for its timely coverage of defense and homeland security programs, initiatives, technologies and issues, reaching an estimated 318,000 readers each month. The association has four affiliates: Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI), National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), Precision Strike Association (PSA), and Women In Defense(WID).

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