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George W. Handy

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Activity for Innovation and Economic Growth
Washington, DC

Our Purpose To strengthen innovation and economic growth within the Euro-Atlantic community through projects which provide practical improvements to policies, practices and communications. Emphasis is on effective partnership, implementation of policies and practical opportunities with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

Designation AIEG is designated as a tax exempt, nonprofit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Summary of our Results since Start-Up in June 2007 26 completed projects involving 30 countries and addressing innovation, health care, energy, transportation, e-government and other ICT applications, trade, customs operations, financial management, national defense and emergency management.

Current Aims for 2015

Metrics for 2015
• Actions 30 projects and activities that are continuing or planned
25 research and research support projects – Cancer 10, Neurology and Aging 3, Regenerative Medicine 3, Cardiovascular 3 and Research Support 3.
8 activities that will improve the conditions for research and treatment.
Collaboration with major organizations and programs with similar aims.
• Network 400 Poles, Americans, other Europeans and Canadians from government, universities (43), hospitals, NGO’s and businesses.

How We Work
• Project planning and operations using email, telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings.
• Regular status reports and detailed exchanges before and following major activities and events.
• Continuous coordination of private sector and international participation in AIEG projects.

Major Milestones for 2015
• January-December 2015
Contribute to the Poland-US Innovation Program (PLUS-IP) as a Council Member and US lead for innovation, health care and associated IT.
Serve as a volunteer member of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) staff.
• March-April Working Sessions in Washington and Warsaw.
• May-June
Meetings of Polish-American group on cancer in Chicago (May 29-June1).
Video Conference of Council for Poland-US Innovation Program (June 2).
• September 1-5 Working meetings in Warsaw.
• October
Meeting of the Poland-US Innovation Program (October 7).
Roundtable on Biomedicine and IT (October 6).
Warsaw Working Session on Innovation, Biomedicine and IT (October 8).
• December Meetings during US conferences on breast cancer and hematology.
• Continuous Activity Share plans and results with the European Commission and with neighboring countries – current coordination is with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, France, the UK and Canada.
• Longer Range Planning for 2016
Polish-American Work Shop on IT and Innovative Growth in Health Care
Regional Work Shop on Tobacco Controls and Smoking Cessation

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