Cluster development

Strategic goals for the SC:

  • Exchange knowledge and best practices in cluster standards, management, and organization
  • Establish a web platform to promote and match research and technology offers and requests for US-Poland innovation projects
  • Create new and upgrade existing innovation ecosystems for science and technology to generate new ventures and private sector investment
  • Assist Polish and US accelerators, incubators, seed funds, and investor groups to strengthen start-up development through the cluster model
  • Use existing cluster-mapping models to standardize US-Polish cluster opportunities and create bilateral clusters with real potential

The “Polish Clusters” Employers’ Association is both networking platform and official representing body for animators of polish cluster initiatives and coordinators. 

Through the networking platform we explore and build new approaches for managing clusters and their place in polish economy, underlining the importance of creation and development of ecosystems of innovation within them.

The Association works closely with government bodies and institutions on every level, representing and managing Polish Cluster affairs in the interest of all stakeholders.

US Subcommittee Leader
Dan Davidson, American Council for International Education


PL Subcommittee Leader
Paweł Nowicki, “Polish Clusters” Employers’ Association


Poland-U.S. Innovation Symposium on Regional Clusters and Economic Development


Hundreds of public and private sector experts gathered in Warsaw, Poland on October 5-9 to advance innovation ties between Poland and the United States as part of the U.S.-Poland Innovation Council (PLUS-IP),…


Plenary Session presentation, 7th October 2015


During the Plenary Session of PLUS IP, Paweł Nowicki, Innowacyjna Polska and Dan Davidson, American Councils for International Education, Leaders of Promoting Regional Innovation Clusters Sub…


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